Tuesday, 18 October 2016

The ways of the world stand unchanged,
Shallow waters and deep valleys,
Muddy puddles and dark skies,
Leaning upon acceptance,
Stands an uninhibited soul...
Waiting to be diluted,
To be ravaged and dealt with.
She contemplates, ponders, philosophizes,
Imitates and adorns unreal.
The happiness is lost...
The real is forlorn and secluded.
Paradox is she, and she is a paradox,
Emotions, Connections and intimacy
Strongly built brick by brick.
But Serenity lost between the mortar.
Sad is a quotient.
It is not her identity.
She cries and wails with a smile,
Amber turns her eyes sparkle...
To the world she is a beauty.
A name recognizable.
A person definable.
But deep underneath...
Stands the little one
undefined and illusionary...

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