Friday, 16 June 2017


Illusion or Resolution?

Lost in the desires of heart,
When we leap waves of time,
Little do we realise how frail are dreams...
Upon the petals of your happiness,
They grow and nurture.
Its gradual and its personal.

'Time is a construct...
Time is artifical...' they say.
But it is this invisible weapon,
Which withers away your dreams.
Leaves you empty,
Within and without.
You smile but you learned to contemplate,
You learned to manipulate.
Finally you evolved.
With the ways of the world.

Pain which cannot be seen
One for which words are incomprehensible.
It leaves you hollow yet so full.
Full of visions of awareness,
Full of empathy.
But sans dreams and passions...

Little fellow.
Learn to find solitude.
For its 'you'
And its your journey...
How illusionary or illuminating...
Its your own.
Just let it be.

@ Kanika Kachroo