Monday, 24 April 2017

Venomous Dreams

A heap of sand,
Upon which we build our dreams,
The enchanting magic,
Of desires sweet.
Of expectations humongous,
Time condenses and beholds them.
Upon our heart and in our mind it ages moment by moment.
The mortal mesmerizes in its webs,
But once caught the poison leaves you...
The numbness of the mind doesnt leave,
The venom kills its self image day by day,
And all that is left is 'you'
The serenity of your emptiness.
The stillness of your being.
The understanding of this world,
Its limitations and limitlessness.
And the world within....
The mysticism calls...
But the cries are feeble.
Get overt the animalistic side,
Get over the guilt,
After all 'existence' survives.