Thursday, 9 May 2013

The Wo-O-man in the man’s world.

When I first saw her, it was Krack heel repair cream ad, and she went unnoticed. Again it is said she debuted in Balaji telefilms ‘Hum Paanch’. But there too I didn’t notice the grumpy one. My perception took notice with ‘Parineeta’. The genius in her performance was triumphant. She won as deserved. She experimented and failed, as image once accepted by the masses can be strong and you better stick by it but if you dare you have adventures, battles-lost and some won too. (Though she has Sabyasachi to her rescue now).
Vidya Balan has been unconventional. She broke the stereotype of ‘cut-glass pretty heroine’ mould and being the second in the lead dominance too. (This is what I am impressed with most).She has been a trendsetter undoubtedly. There have been actresses ( Bollywood centric) who have dared roles: Nargis (Mother India),Jaya Bachchan (Koshish),Shabana Azmi (Arth) and many more to name ,but, she stands out as somebody who loves to be average and imperfect(look wise) and thus reinforces that being common is superb. With this she comes closest to the average Indian middle class educated woman ,who is confident ,though not look wise but yes, grey cells wise. She shows us her intellectual side with the roles she chooses and somewhere touches the cord with our intellect. She comes the closest to be labeled as the Real Earthy actress.
What prompted me to write this article is her recent Performance in a PSA (Media/Origin: TV / Indian ,Product Group: Public Service | Social Service ,Advertiser: Unicef,Advert title(s): Priyanka Bharti and Vidya Balan ,Creative Agency (Name, City, Country): Ogilvy India) .
She is the trendsetter and hopefully will break the stereotype of ‘plastic petite doll like actresses’.

check out the AD-

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