Saturday, 24 January 2015


What is research?
Yesterday I attended a national conference on ‘Economics, Infrastructure and Development’, had written a paper for the same. After delivering my presentation, the person perusing the event responded, only those people who have some methodology to show present the papers, if they have opinions in their paper it’s not a research paper. Agreed sir, he was right; but I wanted to speak and justify, give a point. My embarrassment was so profound that I couldn’t; but then sharing a thought with friends, getting their feedback always helps…so am here.
My first question  : Why is it that we always have to follow set steps, I mean write it directly that first intro, then research question, objectives, methodology,…why we can’t give different headings- the purpose remains same having a question, reviewing some literature based on that ,do some findings and reach the conclusion- something that synchronizes with our topic , make it little interesting, maybe so that somebody who’s not from academics could also understand… it looks monotonous…but then I don’t consider myself somebody who’s attained full knowledge of things…I am still exploring…but this question hounds me …so if any answers kindly help….  
Also, why can’t we be a little informal while speaking, if we are always formal, the connection with the audience doesn’t come along…again my opinion…correct me on this if I am wrong…
Third question: If it was an economics conference …was I from media and literature background an outsider there, not acceptable…agree again I might not be a knower of your subject but where it affects my subject could I speak on that or ,did I make a joker of myself…please give some opinion…You can help…maybe I was actually wrong…and can rectify…
Fourth question: back to square one…is quantitative analysis always superior…we know quantifying humans, their preferences and opinions will have errors …but then I hear it from many Quantitative matters…so correct me again here…enlighten me why qualitative is inferior compared to the former…
Your thoughts will help me so plz respond…

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  1. Being a techie, reading and writing research papers is a part of my life too. So, here is what I think :
    1. Following the rules : I think that the world is focussing on standardisation of processes. During our childhood, we too have learnt the lessons starting from what to how. The same kind of format was created for writing papers. I personally prefer to write the paper in the expected format and present it in a way that it could be understood by anyone.

    2. Being informal while presenting : The best presenters in the world have always said that they try to connect with they audiences. The oldies might consider an informal talk as disrespectful but the youth prefers it.

    3. Everyone has the right to express. If you are not an expert in understanding A, but you know very well that how B is connected to A, then it depends on the audience whether they wish to know something new or they want to stick to only one side of the topic.
    Since it was a discussion on economics and you talked about its relation to media, some people could find it away from the main topic.
    But, anyways you shared your learning. If the world can't understand it, its their problem ;)

    4. Quality > Quantity. It solely depends on people what they prefer. It has been seen that in the long run that quality overshadows quantity.

    And, most importantly, you are beautiful and your family loves you. You know something. You shared it with people. People who wanted to learn from you, they got to knew something new. The ones who were critic of you, they criticised. But, it wasn't a big deal.
    Just learn and grow. Keep smiling :) Be positive :)