Thursday, 19 July 2012


I am a careless writer, the blocks are quite visible because they come too often, though the thought process is quite active, everyday is a tussle of thoughts which are positive, negative, revengeful, aggressive, creative, destructive, high and low  .The laziness and the environment around are enough to put me off. I am a dreamer who thinks too much and can communicate too less, but when something disturbs the serenity of my personal space, I come back to writing ,that makes me not a dedicated writer but an opportunist ,who takes to it only when it comforts me, not a good picture of me but that’s the truth…
While I was preparing my favorite dish in the kitchen, the TV announced the death of another era of Cinema-Superstar Rajesh Khanna. I felt sad as we lost a legend, but then, in a fraction of second, what happened was the conversion of television into the name that was rightly given to it years ago-‘Idiot box’. Whichever channel I clicked for news or even a show that could have delivered him a tribute(a decent one), all I could find was cheaply edited shots of people who visited the bereaved family, more than the man who left us it was about how many Khans attended the occasion and at what time ,who all stars and personalities were present, as if this was not enough to madden the viewer, they started with the clips of Amitabh Bachchan visiting ‘Ashirvad’(Rajesh Khanna’s residence) and suddenly the famous dialogue from Anand movie was played in the background(babumoushai zindagi aur maut….) and then those scenes of his death(Rajesh Khanna) and Mr Bachchan at his emotional best in the movie and  back to the present picture and then the newsreader comparing the reel and the real and contemplating how Amitabh must have reacted to his friend’s death or competitor or whatever they wanted to call him…This  was not the end of their mindless content, they still had to pour his connection to movie ‘WAFAA’ and the murdered actress(Laila Khan) by his side( hey, this was another titillation to let the viewer stay) but it was enough for me to be put off and think television media has already lost it. And as I clicked another channel, they were talking about his failed marriage and his drinking, flip to another channel and they were talking about his arrogance and his affairs, flip to another and you could see a list of his successful movies and songs…thank god some respite! And suddenly back to comparisons to Mr.Amitabh Bachchan and his decline…couldn’t they wait for one more day for this, I think the amount of work he has done and the place he has in our hearts as the memorable eternal romanticist, they should have let it stay at least for a day as a tribute to him. From next day onwards they could have thought about every single possible controversy related to him and poured it and raised their TRP’s and finances but one day they could spare.
I feel music channels and movie channels are the safest these days, the news channels have degraded the most. Any wardrobe malfunction is a ‘Breaking news’ and if a kid falls into a pit you will have the interview of the whole village going live …and if this is not enough, you will have news on ghosts who like movies and a full 45 minutes of frenzy on daily soaps and Rakhi Sawant’s interview on her current fascination (God SAVE Baba Ramdev….maybe next it is the long time bachelor Anna Hazare…SOS) …Why call yourself a news channel it is good to call them poorly constructed entertainment (disturbing) channels.
Decency is long lost, and ‘Fourth Estate’, does it still exist?...coming to another slot called Analysis…really or is it the ‘cat and dog fight’ going on and the anchor acting as a catalyst, now we can’t have peace even in the safe sanctuary of our homes because all you can hear is shouts, shouts and shouts. We have a paralyzed government, and then a stinking bureaucracy, a sleeping judiciary and now a torturing, tormenting media…are we moving towards the death of this country?
I have just discussed how they mismanaged covering the death of a superstar there are many more to add to their list of blunders, showing a girl being manhandled and not trying to save her…covering the vulgar incident gives viewers more excitement rather than trying to be compassionate to another human(their psychology), interviewing  the’ reel laxman’ about how he felt while sitting on Hanuman’s(Dara Singh) shoulders…rather than talk about his achievements, these are just the recent creations, go a little back and if a person has died they will show the crying and grieving family at its vulnerable best, this is not enough , then they will ask one of them(the family) –How are you feeling right now?…God  Save us …Is there really a need to ask all this?
The current state is disastrous …will there be a  respite ever? 

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