Sunday, 6 November 2011


When you  are a kid there are as many dreams in your eyes as are stars in the sky, and as growing up happens, each stage presents new dreams ,new adventures but once you plan to settle down, especially in an Indian set up  choices constrict and dreams vanish and all you are left with is pleasing your family; and playing that socially right kind of role… and if you deny it and start living life on own terms …suddenly your image becomes black and tarnished, you change and so people around criticize you in tons and poke noses at u and point fingers…  this is the one.
Well do I sound pessimistic, hmmm… it can be a point of view but that’s what I have observed , it’s not about you being negative or positive it’s just an observation which can’t be totally neutral.
Thus, come choices, while you are  a kid choices are about food ,studies, roaming out with friends, they confuse you at that time but when you grow up they really define your life…like after 12th if you plan for a Btech and then an MBA  you are done for life ….as they say ‘career set ho gaya’…and then like a donkey just  keep drudging on for your goal whether you understand it or not whether your emotions feel for it or not you are safe in the race of this highly populated country, tomorrow you will settle down and maybe move abroad too so your choice whether was heartfelt or not, made your life easy economically and socially…no challenges but a comfortable life.
And if the horses of imagination run too deep , then believe me though it’s going to be interesting , amazing , boring sometimes even unstable, frightening and fruitless but you will be happy . It doesn’t stop here you are in for a lot of adventure…coz when u take the unconventional path …Though its different, yes you followed  your heart but its hard still to realize that dream …not if you are just focused on work n want to achieve…
Let emotions enter and there go the dreams …they vanish and you face the real trouble…ha ha no I am not scaring you it’s all about choices either choose your life and dreams or people around you and their expectations and if you  choose the latter welcome to the group of us commoners and the real challenges start because everyday you live the life thinking of your dreams but fulfilling others…looking for your image and creating others and thinking about yourself but pleasing others….so it’s all about choices these unpredictable choices…


  1. The everlasting conflict of dreams and realities. Very well written, could easily relate. :)

  2. Dreams are goals sought to be achieved.
    I think that in life we must have dreams and goals.