Monday, 5 September 2011


When I sit back and think what was it that made me love one subject among all others at school and the love still continues…
Mrs Renu Chauhan.This is the first name that comes to my mind. She was so good at her subject,lovely person and an excellent teacher.Where ever she is ,must be igniting young minds.God bless her.
When I joined MHAC Nagbani,I had a big fear of communicating in english language,cramming was the only option out in examination.
It was my first day in seventh standard, her class started … was like a motion picture,with all expressions and punctuations in place effortlessly .The dog was whimpering…and I could see how…wow what a preacher.
She just taught me for six months and those six months changed my perception of the language.Reading,Writing and learning the language was no more an ordeal but an evolution.She made me realize language gives you the medium to communicate and the more you grab it the more it  grabs you and thus changes your life and of others whom you communicate for or to.
My gratitude to Mrs Chauhan is limitless.She made me love the subject I feared and for life she gave me a gift of flowing with the language,words are not enough to thank what she gave me.
That was an experience which has ignited me always to be one among the breed of teachers,though people don’t find it much of a profession but I think only this profession has the calibre to evolve lives.
Thanks to all the teachers who make their students fall in love with their subjects.


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